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After three visits to the Chinese consulate (read about it here), I finally got my visa. And it’s for 60 days, so I won’t have to change my plane tickets. As the Olympics approached I heard the Chinese were giving 30 day visas. I’m only planning to stay for 32 days, but I didn’t want to be illegal for two days. After all of the reading I’ve been doing about China, I think it could be too easy to violate the law inadvertently, let alone with full knowledge. I’m up-to-date filling out my forms with Cross Cultural Solutions; now I have to arrange hotel rooms in Shanghai and a flight from Shanghai to Xian, and decided what I want to see in Shanghai. I think CCS will provide me with info on Xian and other nearby places I might want to go. I also want to spend more time thinking about Japan. This time I want to look at gardens.


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