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I finally did it! I used my frequent flier miles and got a ticket to fly to Japan in the middle of October and stay for a month. Now I have to start planning how I will use that month. I am particularly interested in Japanese Folk Art, folding screens with scenes from Kyoto and Edo, and of course, many Buddhist and Shinto temples.

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I have not yet committed to this trip to Japan, but I get closer all the time. Today I met with Karen, my Japanese Art History Professor, who is the inspiration for my trip. She gave me some suggestions for places to stay and discussed things I want to see. When I get my airplane ticket then I will be committed. Maybe next week. In the meantime I am looking at travel books and my internet links. I plan to compile a list and make a definite plan. Most of the time I like to go somewhere and then decide what I will see. I think I need more structure to make this trip a success.

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