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Fourteen days and I’m on my way

I am sitting in Camille’s Cafe, with free wi-fi, and testing out my new toy. I got online, and mostly it’s working fine, but it still has a few tics I don’t understand. Most important, I want to know about firewalls in this situation. I haven’t been able to find anything but I’ve just done a rudimentary search. The toy uses Linux. It has some kind of anti-virus software but I can’t find anything about a firewall. Can anyone help me?

I went to the Dr.’s office this morning to have my pacemaker, and vitals checked. Everything checked out and I was wished a good trip. The pacemaker thing is fascinating. It seems it keeps a record of everything my heart has been doing. It even knew I had a few moments of Afib as I was coming to the office. I can feel when it happens; it bothers me. Other than that my heart has been stable since I increased the meds i’ve been taking. When I told the Dr. I thought I had somewhat less energy than before the meds, he suggested I start taking them in the evening. I prefer morning because I almost never forget, first thing. Sometimes evenings get messy, but I’ll try it.

I received a paper E ticket in the mail. They don’t usually do that, so I was a little surprised. Also, they usually charge for it, which they haven’t done. Maybe it’s because I’ve made several changes in the ticketing, because they got it wrong twice. The flight from Shanghai to Osaka was on the wrong day the first time they made the reservation. After I changed it they scheduled the flight for the day after I return to Pittsburgh—a situation you would think their computers wouldn’t allow. I think we finally got it right.

I finally scheduled a flight from Shanghai to Xian. It seems everything in China is negotiable. While you can fly at great discounts it’s hard to make a reservation until less than 30 days from the date you want to fly. I’ll have to make my return flight to Shanghai after I arrive; I decided not to mess around with a round trip. While my frequent flier tickets gets me from Pittsburgh to Shanghai, Shanghai to Osaka, then Osaka home, they weren’t willing to take me all the way to Xian. Anyway I wanted to stop over in Shanghai.

I still want to get to the dentist, get my hair cut and possibly get to a podiatrist, although I don’t have an appointment since I’m not too sure who I want to go to. Also, many other things, I’m still trying to find a way to make sure I can post from China.


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