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Another beautiful, warm day and another temple: Jisso-in in the north of Kyoto. For this one I had to take the subway and a bus. The temple was interesting; there were some wonderful paintings on the doors. The garden was viewed only from the building. I thought there was supposed to be a stroll garden, but it was blocked.






I had intended to visit two or three other temples in the area, but it looked like it would require a lot of bus and train riding. Nothing was convenient. I got back on the subway and went to the Kyoto Botanical Garden, which turned out to be very interesting. I was able to identify several of the trees I had been photographing. The garden is huge and contains a European style garden, a conservatory, a Japanese garden and areas with different kinds of trees such as fir, camphor, cryptomeria, cherry, plum and maple.






I found out that these wonderful sculptural forms enclose cycadacea, but still don't know what that is.

I found out that these wonderful sculptural forms enclose cycadacea, but still don't know what that is.


The conservatory

The conservatory

Weeping cherry

Weeping cherry




Next to the botanic garden is the Kyoto Garden of Fine Art. An interesting structure by Tadeo Ando displays porcelain recreations of some of the most famous western works of art. The first thing you see when you enter is Monet’s Water Lillies, lying in a pond.


This, and Sunday at the Grand Jatte by Seurat, both approximately original size, are dwarfed by the structure, which is open to the sky, and appear much smaller than the originals housed in galleries. Works by Renoir, Van Gogh, da Vinci, Michangelo and a Chinese and Japanese scroll painting are also shown.



I think this is a uniquely Japanese way of handling reproductions of works of art. Last year I saw something similar, although not so spectacularly displayed, at an “Art Park” in Osaka.

All week I thought about going back to the lovely restaurant I went to with Jacqueline, but each day, as I finished walking around, I couldn’t think about getting on another bus and taking that long ride. Tonight, as every other night, I stopped and bought a take-away box and ate in the hotel room.

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